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Dr. Dr. Prof Nils-Claudius
Gellrich, Hannover Medical
School, Germany

"The coDiagnostiX image analyzing platform for interactive medical image analysis works best for me in my practice and fulfils all user requirements.

This means that it enables multiplanar (and 3D) data analysis in freely definable planes and meets the requirements for both a single-user and a server-based multiuser version. It allows free DICOM data import without intricate external conversions, free STL import and STL export are a matter of course, and it includes a comprehensive implant library of several major implant manufacturers, permitting the local production of computer-assisted surgical templates.

In my 20 years of experience of medical quality assurance in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, this software platform represents a considerable improvement. It is absolutely indispensable for the surgeon’s everyday practice and proves its worth in all treatment phases; it accompanies the surgeon from the first visit via consultations through to surgical planning and patient information and is also used for under- and postgraduate as well as staff continuing education."